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How to publish an article in PACJA

Publishing an article in PACJA a simple on-line process:

1. Register

To register, go to the Register Tab and follow the Registration instructions.

2. Submission

Prepare your article in accordance with the Author Guidelines and Submission Requirements.  To submit your article go to Submit Article under the Publish Tab and follow the simple on-line instructions to upload your article.

3. Acceptance

The editor will be notified of your submission and confirmation of acceptance of your submission will be sent by return email.  If your article is not accepted, you will be notified by email.

4. Review process

The Editor will request peer reviewers to review your article and provide feedback via email. The feedback process will be positive and supportive as PACJA aims to support and mentor prospective authors.

5. Publishing

Once your article is ready for publications, it will be published in the next edition of PACJA.