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Dr James Vicars

James Vicars began as a journalist and creative writer before coming to academic research. However, his interest in PACJA comes from a similar source: ‘It’s my interest in people, what makes them tick, how they interact and how they come to understand themselves’, he says. ‘The Journal engages me because it is developing a research profile in this space as well as extending understanding of the wider practice of psychotherapists and counsellors today.’ Besides editing numerous publications and a literary magazine, New England Review, in the 1990s, he has worked as a communications consultant, as an editor, and as a teacher, lecturer and writing mentor. He has specialised scholarly interests in the areas of life writing and biofiction, about which he spoke in January on a panel at the MLA Convention, the world’s largest gathering of scholars in the humanities. As well as refereed journal articles and chapters in scholarly publications published in 2017, he has recently finalised an account of the life of Australia’s first woman pilot, Millicent Bryant. He has been awarded fellowships from the NSW Ministry for the Arts and the Eleanor Dark Foundation, and been an Adjunct Lecturer in the School of Arts at the University of New England since 2014.

Editorial Board

Dr Kim Dunphy
The University of Melbourne

Dr Elizabeth Day
Australian College of Applied Psychology

Gina O’Neill
Australian College of Applied Psychology
The Relational Institute Australia

Dr Tristan Snell
Monash University

Dr Alexandra Bloch-Atefi
University of Adelaide

Dr Angela Mornane
Monash University