Book review for Garry L. Landreth (2010). Play therapy: The art of the relationship (3rd Ed.) New York: Routledge 2010

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Sharon Duthie, Private Practice, Victoria, Australia                        


Birds fly, fish swim, and children play.

Garry Landreth 


The inner world of the child is vastly different to that of an adult’s; children perceive, construct and interact with the world around them in a different way. The child’s world is filled with colour, creativity, play, symbols and imagination and so, in order to understand their inner world the therapist needs to meet the child in that realm.  Dr Garry Landreth in Play therapy: The art of relationship not only honours the child’s unique way of being in the world, he also writes compellingly about the inner workings of the child, child-centred play therapy and the complexity of the therapeutic relationship.