Book review – Sally Weintrobe (2013). Engaging with climate change: Psychoanalytic and interdisciplinary perspectives. Routledge

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Ione Lewis, Australian College of Applied Psychology, Sydney, Australia


The editor Sally Weintrobe has edited this ground breaking collection on understanding attitudes to climate change. Weintrobe is a practising psychoanalyst and a Fellow of the Institute of Psychoanalysis in London, who has written and lectured extensively on climate change. Her commitment to fostering interdisciplinary exchanges with other theorists about climate change led to this remarkable book. Contributors are from diverse fields of advertising, environmental philosophy, ethics, politics, psychoanalysis, sociology, and science. The book is structured into ten chapters, with a wide range of discussants providing intriguing and thoughtful comments on each chapter. A strong social justice and ethical perspective is expressed by all contributors, which extends beyond a human-centric perspective to the need to ensure all species survive and flourish. The book is characterised by a future perspective and the need to be generous to future generations.