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Tristan Snell, PhD, PACFA Research Committee


On behalf of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) Research Committee, I am excited to announce Volume 7 of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Journal of Australia (PACJA), developed by incoming editor, Dr Rhys Price-Robertson. This issue showcases some of the innovative research methodologies and theoretical frameworks that are relevant to contemporary psychotherapy and counselling.

As of March 2019, Dr James Vicars stepped down as Editor of PACJA. The members of the PACJA Editorial Board and the PACFA Research Committee would like to express our thanks and appreciation for his editorship of Volume 6 and his contribution to Volume 7.

From August 2019, Dr Kim Dunphy has retired as Chair of the PACFA Research Committee, after two years in the role. During this time, she proceeded over two successful editions of PACJA, made a significant contribution to the research culture of PACFA (e.g., seeing the evidence-informed practice statement through to its completion), and, through her academic and professional expertise, emphasised the value of psychotherapy in general, and creative and dance movement therapies specifically.


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