Integrating the transpersonal approach into counselling: A semi-structured phenomenological inquiry

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Malini Turner



This study investigated the benefits of integrating the transpersonal approach in counselling practice. Interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA) was used to examine the data gained through semi-structured interviews with four social worker-counsellors. Results suggested that the transpersonal approach may provide counsellors with the benefit of using spiritual variables to enrich their practice. Results further suggested authenticity was an essential factor towards spiritual competence, was a priority of spiritually informed counsellors, and was a significant nurturing element towards the therapeutic alliance. How counsellors’ regular self-reflection can contribute to an improved level of awareness and encourage cultivation of spiritual beliefs and values is also discussed. Further research regarding the benefits of transpersonal education, as well as more accommodating research methods in supporting development of spiritual competency, are suggested.

Keywords: authenticity, awareness, spiritually competent counsellor, spiritual values, transpersonal approach to counselling


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Malini Turner