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Integrating the transpersonal approach into counselling: A semi-structured phenomenological inquiry

Malini Turner   Introduction The transpersonal approach is dedicated to the exploration of the human capacity for integration of spiritual growth within the existential issues of everyday living (Hartelius, 2016). The transpersonal model attempts to broaden the boundaries of the traditional counselling processes to include the values related to nurturing the human character to its …

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The Freedom of Virtue: Navigating Excellence in the Art of Living Amongst a World of Instant Gratification (2019) by Tom Edwards and Cosimo Chiera. Samford Valley, QLD: Australian Academic Press Group Pty. ISBN: 9781925644142 (pbk).

Reviewed by: Kate Reimer Book Review What causes some people, and not others, to excel in life? This is the question Dr. Tom Edwards and Dr. Cosimo Chiera examine in The Freedom of Virtue. Digging beneath superficialities, they tap into a deep human desire to ‚Äúsearch [not] for happiness, but for purpose, for respect and …

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Tuning-in to clients: The use of semiotics in counselling

Thomas Mark Edwards   Introduction Definitions of counselling that highlight empowerment and goal attainment are valuable for they describe what counselling hopes to achieve but, nevertheless, they fail to adequately describe what counselling is (American Counseling Association, n.d.). From the perspective of the therapeutic exchange, as commonly conceived, it can be argued that counselling is …

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