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The challenges faced by university educators in Singapore when referring students to counsellors: An instrumental case study

  Steven Ng Poh Yaip and Dr Ada Chung Yee Lin   Introduction This article examines the issue of counselling referral at higher education. First, it looks at the benefits of university students receiving counselling services and support, and later it examines the issues and perspectives of educators who make the referrals. Educators are in …

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Counselling Skills and Competencies Tool: Scale development and preliminary data

Jane L. Fowler, John G. O’Gorman, and Mark P. Lynch   The purpose of the study reported here was to develop an assessment tool for evaluating levels of competence reached by students completing a beginning-level course in counselling. These students were already working as counsellors, however had received no formal training in counselling prior to …

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Tuning-in to clients: The use of semiotics in counselling

Thomas Mark Edwards   Introduction Definitions of counselling that highlight empowerment and goal attainment are valuable for they describe what counselling hopes to achieve but, nevertheless, they fail to adequately describe what counselling is (American Counseling Association, n.d.). From the perspective of the therapeutic exchange, as commonly conceived, it can be argued that counselling is …

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