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Reviewers serve a vital role in the process of developing and improving the quality of research.

Who can serve as a reviewer?

PACJA would be delighted to hear from you as a prospective reviewer if:

  • you are an experienced researcher and/or practitioner in any area related to psychotherapy, counselling, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander healing practices


  • you and/or your communities have lived experience of exclusion, marginalisation, and/or oppression. As a journal with anti-oppressive priorities, we want to make sure researchers do not write about you without you. For this reason, where possible within our logistical constraints, we strive to have at least one peer reviewer with direct personal lived experience with the areas covered in the submissions we receive.


How can I apply to be a reviewer?

To register your interest in serving as a peer reviewer, please email the PACJA Editor (editor@pacja.org.au) with details about your relevant qualifications and experience, as well your areas of both broad and specialised interest. We may ask you some demographic questions designed to ensure a sufficiently diverse reviewer community and identify gaps in our existing reviewer community.

Please read and consider the aims, scope, and priorities of our journal before applying to review for us. Please note that all reviewer registrations are subject to approval and require agreement to reviewer conduct consistent with the standards and scope of our journal. You will be advised of the outcome after your details have been considered by the Editor and approved by the Editor and/or by a member of the Editorial Board.