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Reviewer guidelines

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PACJA aims to encourage clear, scholarly writing and to offer a supportive experience for authors while ensuring rigorous peer review. On request, authors may sometimes be provided with a mentor prior to submission and/or peer review.

Reviewers are provided with a reporting template to ensure consistency and clarity in the review process. We ask reviewers to assess a submitted article based on specific criteria and to provide feedback on the work needed for the manuscript to be ready for publication. Some of these criteria include:

  • Making a significant and original contribution to evidence-informed theory, policy, and practice for psychotherapy, counselling, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander healing practices;
  • Demonstrating appropriate methodology or a current and thorough literature review that cites a diverse range of up-to-date sources;
  • Having a structure and focus of inquiry that are accessible to readers;
  • Being written in a clear, formal style suitable for scholarly publication;
  • Using anti-oppressive language and research practises;
  • Complying with current APA (7th edition) professional paper style, format, and referencing conventions.

For more information, please contact the Editor by email at editor@pacja.org.au

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