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Call for Papers

Special Issue on “Psychotherapy and Counselling During and After COVID-19: Practical, Political, Philosophical, and Cultural Considerations”


Special Issue Editors:

  • Professor Keith Tudor, Department of Psychotherapy & Counselling, Auckland University of Technology.
  • Dr. Rhys Price-Robertson, PACJA Editor.

The special issue editors can be contacted at specialissue@pacja.org.au.


Submission Deadline: September 30, 2020.


We invite submissions on various aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic, from practical considerations following the rapid move to online therapies, to broader explorations of the political, philosophical, and cultural implications of this unique global event for psychotherapists and counsellors.

Submissions may cover—but are not limited to—the following themes:

  • Challenges and opportunities experienced by practitioners (therapists, supervisors, and educationalists) during the pandemic;
  • Clinical practices, skills, techniques, and insights developed in response to the pandemic;
  • The psycho-politics of responses to the pandemic, including experiences of restriction, lockdown, isolation, and distance;
  • Challenges presented by the pandemic to existing methodologies, epistemologies, and ontologies in the field of psychotherapy and counselling;
  • Cultural considerations for psychotherapy and counselling during and after the pandemic (e.g., on the nature of reality, contact, clinical hospitality, and engagement); and,
  • The post-COVID-19 future of psychotherapy and counselling.

The editors welcome innovative submissions that reflect the creativity and diversity of current psychotherapeutic practice, including video submissions, transcripts of text exchanges, compilations of blog posts, and reviews of relevant films. Authors considering such submissions are invited to contact the editors to discuss their ideas.    

Submission Guidelines

Information for authors and submission guidelines can be accessed on the PACJA website. When submitting an article via PACJA’s online submission portal, authors should indicate that the article is intended for the special issue on “Psychotherapy and counselling during and after COVID-19: Practical, political, philosophical, and cultural considerations”. If potential authors would like to discuss their ideas, or have any questions about the special issue, they are encouraged to contact the editors at specialissue@pacja.org.au.


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